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Towing lessons for Caravans, Boat trailers, jet ski / PWC trailers, Horse Floats, Camper Trailers, Pop-Top Caravans, Box Trailers, Caravan Hire Companies, Motorbike trailers.

Learn 2 Tow


Do you need to Learn how to Tow and Reverse a Trailer or Caravan?

We offer you a Caravan/Trailer Towing Course on the Gold Coast!  This course is for People of all ages that are thinking about, or have purchased a Trailer or Caravan and would like to make sure they are capable of handling and reversing there new pride and joy.

In this 3 Hour Course, You will learn about:

•Important Legal requirements when towing.

•How to safely tow a caravan/trailer on road with sensible loading tips.

•How to couple and uncouple a caravan/trailer without getting hurt and maneuver to site with ease.

•Managing fatigue safely and responsibly with your partner.

•Driver etiquette (everyone has been stuck behind a slow caravan that never moves over)

•How to park it like a pro!

•Injected with Tips and Tricks.

•You will  receive a FREE booklet with all information that we discuss on the day and a very handy pre trip checklist that can fit in your glove box. Tick it off before every trip and you will know you haven't forgotten anything!

Course is for 2 people, so bring along your partner or friend.

OUR COURSE IS ONE INSTRUCTOR, TO ONE TOW VEHICLE - SO NO WAITING AROUND IN GROUP CLASSES, The duration is 3hrs (half day), but you can add an extra hour to include a Defensive Driving / Towing lesson covering safer towing / driving techniques.

Should I bring my Own Caravan And Tow Vehicle?

Absolutely! All Tow Vehicles and the Caravans / Trailers operate differently, So bringing your own set up will be a big benefit to you, allowing a customised lesson for you and the set up.  A safe Jack knife point can be found and Marked so you always know its location, and a perfect reverse 90 degree park can be explained and shown for your set up. Don't forget that you may also be hitching the caravan up incorrectly, so we will sort that out too!

Not to worry if you don't have your own set up as yet, as you can Hire our Tow ute and a Box Trailer.

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